01 April, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Hi :| It's been a long time,eh?

Well, i got busy preparing for my piano exam and thank goodness, everything went really well, although i almost not allowed to join. Long story. And today i'll have the result. I could only crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

I'm not gonna change the fact that I am a really bad blogger. So...bye, catch you later :3

09 December, 2011


mixed feelings. the beginning of the day was really disappointing, but in the morning everything seemed better, the afternoon was getting better too. But then the evening come and every happiness was just a blur.

well, whatever. overall, i wanna thank my very best friends who really made me glad today. Nadhila Mischa Miranda and Nindhita Putrie Prabaswari :') you girls are the best...huhu cheesy -_- but i really thank you guys for being there for me whenever i feel sad or confuse or happy or need an advice. you always listen to my problem which is never changed :') lame. well, i need to find a new problem, i guess haha.

so, thank God i was turning 16 today. i've been through so much thing this year. i learned a lot and i hope i could be a better person as i grow older now.

thanks for all your birthday wishes, birthday greetings, handshakes and bad pictures of me as your bbm display picture :) i really appreciate it!

oh, btw i decided to stay in Jakarta this holiday. gonna do some stuffs and decorate my room. wish me luck~

02 December, 2011

Explosion Box : One of My Holiday Tasks


I just want to share my current interest in crafts, specially scrapbooks. Well, the fact is I found out about scrapbook for the first time about 3 years ago when I was still in junior high school. I read it from a magazine. And a few days later I found out that one of my friend took a course to make scrapbooks. Since then, I really wanted to learn about it. But I didn't know where to find the supplies, like papers, stickers, and also the tools. My friend told me that she got all the supplies from a scrapbook supplies store which is so far away from my house and school. And because of I got no further information about it & no time to really care (due to the national exam), I forgot about it.

But, a week ago, I was browsing on youtube and suddenly I found a scrapbook video. After few hours of spending my time in front of the computer watching many videos about arts and crafts, I found a video about explosion box. It's a kind of scrapbook but shaped like a box. It's really cool. When you open the lid of the box, the inside box will pop out. That's why it is called explosion box or exploding box. And now I'm dying to make at least one of it. This thing is so going to be on my holiday-activities-list! We'll see if I accomplished it or not.

Catch you later!

27 November, 2011

I'm Feeling Talkative Right Now

It's 10 pm already. I'm still holding my pencil while biting its tip sometimes. My eyes are down to the paper full of circle equations and charts and lot of numbers. Yet my brain can't understand any single word written there..

It's been a pretty busy week. I skip 3 days of school in the past 2 weeks for teacher's day preparation and other stuff. And in class, I mostly lost focus. I did some crafts like pop-up papers or drawing stupid things instead of studying. I guess I lost my learning enthusiasm. *sigh* Even today. Whereas the exam week'll be starting tomorrow. Huh.

Enough of school bullshits.

So, btw my birthday is about 12 days ahead. My parents were asking me about what present I want this year. It's such a tradition in my family that the birthday person could ask for anything s/he wants for her/his birthday. For the first time in my life, I haven't decided what my birthday present will be.

Yeah, I'm that type of kids who really excited about their birthday. Who loves presents and suprises and birthday celebrations and also the attentions people give that day. I'm not an attention seeker, but it's great having people wishing you all the best and being very nice to you, right? And it only happen once in a year, that's why I'm so excited about it.

About my birthday gift, I took some times to think about it, and I ended at some options.
1.) Polaroid camera
2.) SLR fisheye/wide angle lens
3.) Another lomography camera
4.) Lots of money to buy clothes
5.) Anything fun to do on the holiday. Maybe a trip to Karimun Jawa? Or somewhere else?

I don't know, 3 of my 5 wishes are related to photography hehe. Well, I'm so interested about photography and crafts lately. Even I already planned if I stayed at home on holiday I'll spend a lot of money to buy crafts tools and make an exploding box album or something like dried flowers for my room decoration. I watched many videos about them on youtube and it showed a lot of fun & creative things to make.

Well, I guess I'm talking too much here hehe. It's 11 pm already. Time flies so fast, doesn't it? Toodles!

08 November, 2011

Buang-buang Waktu~

Udah jam 11an tapi gatau kenapa lagi mood banget buat posting di blog. Kayaknya belakangan ini gue makin nggak tau waktu deh. Bahkan lusa ada ulangan biologi & matematika, tapi hari ini nggak nyicil apa-apa. Besok positif sks (sistem kebut semalam) nih -_- Bukannya nggak mau belajar sih, tapi kondisinya nggak mendukung, gimana dong. Haha alesan banget.

Tapi emang bener! Tadi abis pulang dari bimbel malah ke mall nyari sepatu buat sekolah gara-gara peraturan baru, yang cewek nggak boleh pake flat shoes yang entah kenapa diterjemahin jadi sepatu cantik.. Padahal flat shoes gue udah super duper gembel dan nggak pantes dibilang sepatu 'cantik'. Mungkin emang udah waktunya juga sih ganti sepatu -_- Eh kenapa jadi ngomongin sepatu..

Balik lagi ke minggu kelam buat otak gue. Keliatannya minggu ini tuh bakalan capek banget. Semua kelas XI ulangan biologi, kimia sama matematika dalam seminggu. Sampe ada temen gue yang bilang : marathon tf mipa. Mungkin kedengerannya biasa aja, tapi dengan jadwal matematika dan biologi yang dijadiin sehari dan materinya yg belibet, semuanya jadi terdengar suram. Jadi, nggak salah juga kan hari ini nyantai dulu, biar besok otaknya masih seger & siap diforsir. Alesan lagi.

Yaudah, ini gue baru selesai mandi dan mau tidur, daripada waktu yang kebuang makin banyak, postnya segini aja. Dah.