31 March, 2011

Fight For Mid Tests!

Please, do pray for me and my brain. May it not exploded until the day when the examination's over.

23 March, 2011

Let My Love Open the Door

Well people keep repeating,
that you will never fall in love.
When everybody keeps retreating,
but you can't seem to get enough.

Let my love open the door,
let my love open the door,
let my love open the door
to your heart.

When everything feels all over,
everybody seems unkind.
I'll give you a four leaf clover,
take all the worries out of your mind.

I have the only key to your heart,
I can stop you from falling apart.
Release yourself from misery,
only one there is gonna set you free
and that's my love, that's my love.

Let my love open the door,
let my love open the door,
let my love open the door,
to your heart.

Tragedy befalls you,
don't let 'em bring you down
Love can cure your problems,
you're so lucky that I'm around.

Let my love open the door,
let my love open the door,
let my love open the door,
to your heart
to your heart
to your heart
to your heart.

Oh God, I just can't stop listening to this song (Sondre Lerche's version), but actually the original version (Pete Townshend's) was great too!

22 March, 2011

That's Rude!

They literally don't know what they're up to. How it affected people around them. Included me. Specially me. So please, just pray for me. And also my soul.

Ps. I hate using she/ he, so I replaced it with 'they'.

21 March, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Jog Jog Jog Jog

Happy holiday!!
Dan coba nyanyiin judul post ini kayak lagunya Rebecca Black yg Friday. Hahahaha

Untuk kedua kalinya berturut-turut gue jalan pagi di tempat jogging deket rumah. Cuman setengah jam sehari sih, tp lumayan keringetan dan kata nyokap bagus buat latihan cardio (jantung). Dan dari kemaren di tempat jogging itu gue liat ada nenek-nenek jalan pagi. Dia pake daster, sendal hotel dan tongkat! Sebelom gue nyampe, nenek-nenek itu udah jalan, dan pas gue selesai dia masih jalan. Mungkin, bisa jadi dia lagi terapi apa, atau emang dia pengen 'hidup sehat'. \m/

Besok sih rencananya, sekali lagi, RENCANANYA, mau jalan pagi lagi. Kalo gak males-_- hoho.
xox, happy Monday!

15 March, 2011


Have you ever felt like me? I feel like.........I don't even know what I feel. It's just empty. Nothing.
I feel like.....there were no feelings here, in my heart.

Feelings gone...

Do you know what I mean? No? So do I.
It's just like it is too complicated and it doesn't belong in here.

And now I feel like a fool.
A fool who thinks she's not a fool by writing this post on her blog.
What if her friends read her blog?
What if he (who she talks about) understands, that the post is talking about him?
What if no one reads the blog?
What if she doesn't care at all?

What if she doesn't continue writing cause she thinks it's lame to write all her feelings on her blog and there's no one who really wanna read her blog?
What if...
What if just stop now?

11 March, 2011

High School Never Ends

agak alay sih, tapi...yaudahlah~

photos taken with diana mini, fuji iso 400

models : rokris xemisshic :D

01 March, 2011

#NyesekAdalah ..........

Saat lo udah berusaha maksimal pake cara yang "bersih", tapi ternyata hasilnya masih kurang dari orang lain yang pake "jalan pintas". Gak adil.