23 June, 2010

Annoying Orange

Hillarious! this orange drives me crazy :D you should, uh no, YOU MUST watch annoying orange videos on youtube. This is my favorite one, enjoy!

to watch more annoying orange videos, click here

09 June, 2010

Air in G String - Bach

Got this from my friend, he recommended me to see this video. This is a very well-known song and such a lovely song to hear. This song named air but the real name of the piece was Aria (Italian for Air). Download the piece here
or here

08 June, 2010

Whatcha Do

so what will you do when you get bored?
these are what i will do in my house

* social networking, or browsing on the internet
* read my collection of novels, comics or other books
* watch movies
* listening to the music, and sing it out loud like crazy
* play some musics
* walk into my brother's room just to say "hi!" and see what is he doing, then i'll go outta his room
* see what's inside the refrigerator and eat something or just go away with nothing
* take a 45-minutes shower

Diana Mini - Shoot Forever

here's some of my shots