30 August, 2011

If I...

If I had doraemon's magic pocket I'd take the "pintu kemana saja". I'd have a peek on my future. For what will I do, where will I live, whom will I be with and how will everything be in the future.

14 August, 2011

Mood Painter

If I was a mood painter, this week I'd paint : a rainbow-sucker-typhoon

02 August, 2011


If someone ask what I want to be in the future, I usually answer them : "doctor". But honestly, I'm still doubt about that.

The reason I always give that answer is because when I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. And until now, my mom used to tell people that being a doctor is my dream since I was a kid.

But people could change their mind, right? And so did I.

Being a doctor (or dentist) is obviously great. When you're graduated from college, it all is clear that you can be a doctor. It's like the path is clear. The salary's also clear. My mom said (as she's a general doctor), specialist doctors get thousands US dollars a month, here in Indonesia.

But, deep inside my heart, I also have some 'crushes' with other subjects or jobs. Such like literature, astronomy, architecture, interior design, and also a job that related with fashion. I also interested to work as a photographer or a film director.

I do have a lot of dreams. Yeah.

For me, it's okay to work as whatever I'll become to be. As long as I love the job. Which is not to be something related with politics, laws and money. I also hate working in such an office.

So, the next question is:
What will I do when I have a job?

First, when I have enough money, I'll build my own business. It might be a gift wrapping store or a boutique or a restaurant or a bakery, or moreover, a hospital. And at the time I have a lot of money, I'll take my mom and dad to Hawaii or somewhere else they'd love to. And I'll go traveling around the world with my family :)

It takes a lot of guts to write this thing here. What if I couldn't make my dreams into reality? What if I died before everything on this post's done?
But then I think, I should write this here. In case, some when I would lost my spirit to catch my dream, or maybe I get bored with my life, I could read this post. And hopefully, this could bring my zest, my keen and all my heart back to reach my dreams.