02 December, 2011

Explosion Box : One of My Holiday Tasks


I just want to share my current interest in crafts, specially scrapbooks. Well, the fact is I found out about scrapbook for the first time about 3 years ago when I was still in junior high school. I read it from a magazine. And a few days later I found out that one of my friend took a course to make scrapbooks. Since then, I really wanted to learn about it. But I didn't know where to find the supplies, like papers, stickers, and also the tools. My friend told me that she got all the supplies from a scrapbook supplies store which is so far away from my house and school. And because of I got no further information about it & no time to really care (due to the national exam), I forgot about it.

But, a week ago, I was browsing on youtube and suddenly I found a scrapbook video. After few hours of spending my time in front of the computer watching many videos about arts and crafts, I found a video about explosion box. It's a kind of scrapbook but shaped like a box. It's really cool. When you open the lid of the box, the inside box will pop out. That's why it is called explosion box or exploding box. And now I'm dying to make at least one of it. This thing is so going to be on my holiday-activities-list! We'll see if I accomplished it or not.

Catch you later!

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