09 December, 2011


mixed feelings. the beginning of the day was really disappointing, but in the morning everything seemed better, the afternoon was getting better too. But then the evening come and every happiness was just a blur.

well, whatever. overall, i wanna thank my very best friends who really made me glad today. Nadhila Mischa Miranda and Nindhita Putrie Prabaswari :') you girls are the best...huhu cheesy -_- but i really thank you guys for being there for me whenever i feel sad or confuse or happy or need an advice. you always listen to my problem which is never changed :') lame. well, i need to find a new problem, i guess haha.

so, thank God i was turning 16 today. i've been through so much thing this year. i learned a lot and i hope i could be a better person as i grow older now.

thanks for all your birthday wishes, birthday greetings, handshakes and bad pictures of me as your bbm display picture :) i really appreciate it!

oh, btw i decided to stay in Jakarta this holiday. gonna do some stuffs and decorate my room. wish me luck~

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