04 September, 2011


Post deleted~
Have a curious day :)

01 September, 2011

Too Boring Means Double Posts Today!

Hi. I'm pretty boring here. Got nothing to do & am not sleepy yet. Well, blame me for having a nap at 6 in the evening 3-|

So, in case of my boringness (that's not an exist word, I know), I'll just write what's in my mind right now.

Okay, now I'm laying in my bed while listening to Sondre Lerche's Say It All. Such a good mood booster song it is. Reminds me of March the 5th 2011, exactly at Java Jazz. The first show I watched that day. With a really good friend, teehee :J good old time...

Now I really wish for Doraemon's "pintu kemana saja". I wanna go back to the past and have a look at the good old times again. And fix all the mistakes I've done in the past.

But, in Doraemon's story, when you changed your past, your future'll be changed, too. And I'm happy enough with my today's life. Soooo, on second thought I don't want to have "pintu kemana saja". #labil

Enough said. I guess.
See you later, ppl~

Happy Holiday

So i found this website befunky.com and edited some photos. It's a kinda fun thing to do when you don't have anything else to do *sigh*

Happy Holiday, people! And have fun with your vacation!